Aluminum Enclosure
Audio Amplifier Enclosure
19 inch Rack Mount Chassis
19 inch Rack Mount Chassis

Foshan Gof Electronic Machine Co,. Ltd , established in 2004 ,locates in Foshan “ China Aluminum Industrial City”. over past 12 years, the company has obtained a rapid development, turned into a large modern enterprise of professional manufacturing of aluminum enclosure , rack mount chassis, audio amplifier chassis and fabricated aluminum panel in China.
As one of the top 10 aluminum enclosure manufacturers in China, both our trademark and products are well acknowledged in China. GOF aluminum enclosure cover more than 30 provinces and municipalities across the country and have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions around Asia, Africa, America and Europe, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, UK and Australia, and etc. I, ranked into the top 10 in China.


New Arrival 

Size:120*40-150mm (WxH-D)

Customizion: drill holes , silkscreen

Color:Can change 


Why Choose Us
we are have over 12 years process experience , own R&D department . have own process line , custom with OEM/ODM ,good at custom process like design , cut holes , silkscreen , finish treatment , Foshan Gof Elerctronic Machine Co.,Ltd ( GOF Enclosure for short ) Located in Foshan City of Guangdong Provice , The central region of pearl river Delta which is one of the most powerful and energetic ecnomic area among China .
GOF ENCLOSURE is a design , process and sales together milddle company . We are main working on aluminu enclosure . We have R&D department , mold , extrion material , machine process , anodizing department , already have series aluminum enclosure , DIY audio amplifier chassis , 19 inch rack mount chassis , equipment chassis , aluminum switch panel , shielding box and different size knob , handle . one set service ready you .

GOF plants more than 1500 square meters, with CNC machining center, CNC milling, punching, drilling,cutting, pneumatic riveting machine, grinding machine, sandblasting machine and advanced processing equipment. Surface drawing, sandblasting, oxidation and so on .

processing equipment. Surface drawing, sandblasting, oxidation and so on . the custom designed and complete the processing System is aready available , flexible options can "be tailored according to customer ideal quality effects products , enjoy audiovisual solution In life
"Process a beautiful appreace for you !

With the purpose of business and expertise of the GOD . We hope provide design and production of integrated solutions and services for your product .
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